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Knightsbridge, revisited

We take a trip to the newly relaunched Toto’s and find the service is just a little off.


Grace Dent finds she can’t quite stomach Hackney’s Cat & Mutton

“It has the feel of a Spaghetti Western bar-cum-brothel, there’s no reservations and the food arrives in no particular order.”


Primeur brings the ‘joy of eating’ to Islington

New restaurant opens on Islington/Hackney border on 16 May.


Zoe Williams has an up-and-down experience at Barnyard

Like us she thought the shortrib was excellent but the broken eggs ‘disgusting’.


The New Angel arrives in Notting Hill

Celebrity chef John Burton Race opens his first London restaurant in 12 years. 


Fay Maschler doesn’t like being dictated to at Lyle’s

The Standard’s critic bemoans the set menu, but rather enjoys some of the food.


Fera at Claridge’s opens

Simon Rogan’s new London venture has finally arrived.


Why TripAdvisor will always be rubbish at restaurants

The Hedonista lays into the travel website’s restaurant reviews.


Cinnamon Club to host Loire Valley wine evening

Find out about this food and wine pairing evening and loads more supper clubs in our pop-up guide.


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