Marathon 200-course tasting menu coming to London


The 200 Club @ The Factory on Tanner Street, Bermondsey

3-4 September

Do you love the variety and surprise of a lengthy tasting menu, or loathe the endless parade of minuscule portions? If the former you’ll be salivating at the prospect of a new partnership between ‘culinary deviants’ Bompass & Parr and Bespoke Offers – a 200 course tasting menu marathon.

The 200 Club takes place on 3-4 September 2015, and comprises of 200 separate courses served over a 24-hour period. But all this opulence and indulgence comes with a hefty price tag – £2,000 per person.

Held at The Factory on Tanner Street in Bermondsey, London, the event boasts eight top chefs including Angelo Sato, Joseph Wright, and Ramael Scully, who have worked at the likes of Claridge’s and Story. Enjoy bite-sized culinary delights as you work your way through the vibrant and creatively colour-coded menu, from Yellow Breakfast at 8am through to Green Lunch, Pink Dinner and more.

Dishes are served every 7 minutes and 14 seconds, upon completion of the menu you’ll even receive a certificate, awarding you the title of Ultra Diner. For those who can’t quite face a 24-hour tasting menu marathon there is a 20-course version available from £49 pp.

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