Yotta Pay Q&A

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Yotta is an omnichannel marketing, sales and payments platform to increase diner retention (and average spend) and to boost new customers

Q&A with Igor Kononko
co-founder of Yotta Pay

What problem is Yotta looking to solve?

Referral schemes and loyalty programs have proved their effectiveness in many industries. Typically, successful implementations bring a 35% increase in revenue (see https://www.bcg.com/publications/2023/loyalty-programs-need-to-continue-to-evolve).

However, in the hospitality industry only big boys like McDonalds could afford such a program up to now. The Ivy recently announced one (https://www.hardens.com/uk-london/03-10-2023/the-ivy-collection-launches-new-rewards-app/).

Yotta is lowering the barrier to entry for SMEs. We are putting top-notch technology employed by the likes of Tesco or Harrods at the disposal of businesses of any size. 

Are there large up-front costs to restaurants using Yotta?

We are purely performance driven, so you only pay us when you yourselves get paid.

So how does Yotta work for restaurants?

In three ways:

• A referral program, enabling restaurants to incentivise diners to recommend them to new customers.

• Loyalty wallets, for you to establish a unique connection with your customers, allowing personalised tailored marketing.

• A flexible loyalty program, to help fill quiet times (e.g. 20% of loyalty given on Mondays vs 1% on Fridays).

How does Yotta plan to work with Harden’s?

Harden’s is our flagship traffic generation platform, offering restaurants’ welcome vouchers precisely when a potential customer is looking for something new and exciting. To see how this works, To see how this works, visit https://www.hardens.com/partner-posts/yotta/

Or try Pied-à-Terre £30 welcome voucher for yourself.

Are there other benefits to using Yotta other than attracting new customers?

Savings on payment processing with immediate release of funds and zero chargebacks.

Printed POS materials for more effective engagement.

Access to an employee perks system normally available only at large corporations (discounted vouchers for major national retailers).

If a restaurant wants to use Yotta, how do they get started?

Simply follow this link: https://www.yottapay.co.uk/referral

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