Galvin restaurants launch food and drink festival

picture of Galvin de Luxe

Galvin-ising their position as one of the UK’s top restaurant groups, Galvin Restaurants will launch a seven-day festival of food and drink today (19 May). This is the second year that chefs Chris and Jeff Galvin have held the event, which features eating experiences at their outposts in London and Edinburgh.

The festival continues until 25 May and includes a traditional fête at Galvin Café a Vin, an apple Tarte Tatin baking competition at Galvin Bistrot de Luxe in Baker Street, a whiskey tasting and culinary masterclass at Pompadour by Galvin at the Waldorf in Edinburgh and more.

Tickets cost £24-175 per person, depending on the event. For a full list of the events and prices please visit Galvin’s website.


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