London’s first naked restaurant pops-up this summer

the bunyadiWhen we heard that London’s first naked restaurant would arrive this summer, we thought: “How many people are really going to want to sit in a restaurant in the nip?” As it turns out we should never have underestimated the pull of novelty on the dining scene. A quick look at The Bunyadi’s website tells us that over 16,000 people are already on the waiting list for tickets.

Bear in mind (or should that be bare in the mind) that tickets are not yet on sale and that The Bunyadi hasn’t even begun to market their idiosyncratic event yet. The pop-up’s Twitter feed and Facebook page have only been live since last week!

The restaurant will be split into ‘clothed’ and ‘unclothed’ segments, so those who don’t fancy eating au naturale should keep to the front of the venue. Braver diners can venture into the changing rooms where they are asked to shed their clothes in favour of a gown. You can wear the gown through-out dinner if you wish, or you can sit naked. Even staff will be ‘naked with only some covering’.

Bunyadi’s whole ethos is about throwing off the trappings of modern life. Cooking is done on real fires and served on clay crockery with edible cutlery, furniture is hand carved and dining is done by candlelight. No photography allowed – so those hoping to Instagram some #foodporn (or #actualporn) are out of luck.

It is brought to us courtesy of Lollipop – also responsible for ABQ, the Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail bar. “We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone and even no clothes if they wish to. The idea is to experience true liberation,” says Seb Lyall, founder of Lollipop.

The Bunyadi pop-up arrives in London in June and will run for three months. Tickets will be released on a first come first served basis.

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