Highlights of the week

picture of Tredwell's

The first review of Tredwell’s is in and it aint good

Marcus Wareing’s latest venture isn’t incompetent, it’s just cynical, says the Standard’s David Sexton.


Complete overhaul at the Compleat Angler

Atul Kochhar, of Mayfair’s Benares, takes over the Riverside restaurant (formerly Aubergine).


Grace Dent finds rather delicate portions at Kirazu

Smaller, fiddly Japanese tapas – “It’s the concept literally no one has been crying out for”.


London’s top five ‘trendiest’ restaurants

Doing shots with the chefs at The Palomar and dining at the kitchen table at Grain Store.


Liquid gold. World’s most expensive cocktail served at Gigi’s

According to Eater the £8,888 drink was created in honour of singer Grace Jones.


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. finally arrives in London

A restaurant based on a fictional company from the movie Forest Gump comes to Leicester Square (where else?).


What’s on? London cocktail week and more

Pop-ups, supper clubs and events happening in London this month.


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