Drapers Arms shuts as London tops a scorching 37C

The well regarded Islington pub restaurant The Drapers Arms closed its kitchen on Thursday after temperatures rocketed past 37C.

Drapers announced the news on Instagram earlier this week, and said:
“Closing the kitchen on Thursday as cannot reasonably ask staff to work in a 40ºC environment. Drinks only, sorry.”

The mercury topped 37C on Thursday, So it was a kind gesture from owner Nick Gibson.

The Met Office’s chief meteorologist Frank Saunders said: “There is a real possibility of records being broken this week, not only for July but also all-time records.”

There’s no legal upper limit for working environments in Britain – indeed, it is rare that we experience 37C heat here. But with climate change happening – an issue we won’t go into detail here at Harden’s – such temperatures may well become more common.

We heard other kitchens closed for the afternoon too.

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