Smoking Goat 2.0 to open in former Shoreditch strip club

This Friday (27 October) Ben Chapman, Brian Hannon and Ali Borer will open a second outpost of their Soho phenomenon Smoking Goat on Redchurch Street, bringing their Thai barbecue bar to Shoreditch.

Inspired by Bangkok’s late night canteen spots, Smoking Goat Redchurch Street will reflect that atmosphere – icy beer, a mixture of comfort dishes from the woks, and spicy seafood from the open barbecues.

Formerly a family-run strip club, Ben has designed the restaurant, drawing on the original features of the 1930s concrete building. The kitchen, led by Borer, will centre on carefully-sourced ingredients, with Thai herbs and vegetables grown in Cornwall and Dorset, and underrated, native seafood from Cornish waters.

Smoking Goat and Kiln’s in-house butcher, Roberto, will join Ali in Shoreditch, bringing his whole Tamworth pigs, goats and game to be cooked atop charcoal pots and smokers.

The menu will largely comprise of a ‘Aharn Glam Lao’ (drinking food) section featuring: Steamed oysters with burnt chilli and fermented shrimp; herbal blood sausage; stir fried greens with salt fish; and spicy offal laabs. Larger dishes include: Soya braised chickens from Bangkok’s Chinatown; a Northern Thai turmeric variant on Massaman Smoked Goat; Smoked point end brisket; and Garlic chive hand made bouncy egg noodles. Alongside these comforting dishes will be D’tom Yam Nam Sai’; an unapologetically sour, spicy cousin to creamy Tom Yam – and a staple of the Bangkok joints visited by Ali and Ben, made with sweet velvet crabs and cockles.

A shorter, daily changing wine list (by the glass) has been created by Zeren Wilson who has selected lesser known, great value wines from a range of regions and vintages, pale ales, pilsners and sours are on tap and the back bar will be home to a variety of oft forgotten liquors, from Umoshi plum wine to Portuguese fig fire water and mescals.

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