Check out the festive feasting menu at Smokestak

Approaching the festive season, David Carter, founder of Smokestak, has announced the addition of a whole beef brisket at his Shoreditch restaurant, alongside a series of festive feasting menus for groups. According to our reporters “the beef brisket is the thing of dreams!” so this is exciting news.

Smoked for 12-15 hours over kiln-dried English oak, and accompanied by pickled cucumbers, chillis and mustard barbecue, the whole brisket is priced at £150 and serves between 10-20 people. It is the first time Smokestak has offered its most popular mainstay dish in its entirety, which usually features on the menu as an individual cut or brisket bun. The whole brisket will also be available to takeaway, for the same price of £150, offering a unique dinner party option for those planning a festive gathering.

Alongside the whole beef brisket, Smokestak has introduced two festive menus – the feasting and sharing – available from 27 November, priced at £35 and £45 per person respectively. Dishes include: ‘Thick-cut pork ribs with pickled cucumber’ and ‘30-day aged beef rib’ will be served alongside ‘Jacket potato with smoked rarebit’ and ‘Charred greens with tahini, pomegranate and dry-roasted nuts’. Drinks on arrival will include: Red beet Negroni, orange peel + bitters’ and ‘Warm spiced Malbec, clove, star anise.

Throughout the year, regular sharing and feasting menus are also available for groups of eight or more to enjoy, priced at £30 and £35 respectively.

These new menu additions mark the first birthday of Carter’s first permanent restaurant site, following the previous success of SMOKESTAK on the street food scene.

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