Pidgin duo to open classy sandwich shop in Coal Drops Yard

Pidgin founders James Ramsden and Samuel Herlihy are launching a sandwich shop in Coal Drops Yard.

Sons + Daughters is the duo’s take on a “classic sandwich shop, celebrating the sandwich in all its glory”. It’ll be open all day, morning to night, with freshly made sandwiches, side dishes, soft serve ice cream, and cocktails.

The lunch and dinner menu will feature six sandwiches, and, while the ingredients are high-end and the combinations inventive, is hugely different to what Ramsden and Herlihy have done before at Pidgin and their now closed Magpie.


  • CHICKEN S+DWICH, Swaledale chicken, pickled cucumber, miso mayonnaise, green sauce, soy-cured parmesan, gem lettuce, wasabi cress, served on white bloomer
  • MERGUEZ S+DWICH, Swaledale spicy lamb sausage, S+D air-fries, pickled shallots, gremolata, S+D mayo
  • MORTADELLA S+DWICH, Mortadella, taleggio, smoked Isle of Wight tomato, rocket, Thai basil, cider vinaigrette, served on focaccia
  • PRAWN S+DWICH, Cornish prawns, S+D mayo, prawn crackers, crispy shallots, Napa cabbage, shiso, served on granary
  • EGG SALAD S+DWICH, Burford Brown eggs, miso mayonnaise, truffle crisps, salad cress, served on white bloomer
  • TENDERSTEM S+DWICH, Tenderstem broccoli, mushroom relish, coconut sambal, açai and cashew cream, served in a baguette

Elsewhere on the menu will be air fries with Sriracha salt, and salads such as burrata with Isle of Wight tomatoes and gem lettuce, smoked almonds with croutons, and red rice, lentils and roasted kale. Desserts will include soft serve ice creams of peanut butter and jelly and candied focaccia and rosemary.

At the bar will be a variety of drinks, including cocktails by the World of Zing. There’ll be barrel-aged negronis, peach tea juleps, thai basil and pineapple mojitos and a BLT cocktail, created exclusively for Sons + Daughters. Wines will be sourced from Unchartered Wines.

Bloomer bread finger sandwiches served at the bar include mortadella with truffled cream cheese, smacked cucumber with tahini and Szechuan chilli, and fish fingers with pickled jalapenos and American cheese.

At breakfast, Sons + Daughters will serve English muffins with the likes of house-made breakfast spice, smoked tomatoes and cheese, with Swaledale bacon and sausages optional extras. All the bread at the restaurant will come from Paul Rhodes Bakery in Greenwich, meat will come from Swaledale farm, and salad from Growing Underground, an underground producer in Clapham.

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