Inflation alert: £3,000 dish on Mayfair menu

As the cost of living crisis begins to bite, a new restaurant is opening in Mayfair which boasts a dish costing £3,000 a pop – and a cocktail listed at a staggering £50,000.

Miro launches next Friday in Old Burlington Street on the site of Street XO, and comes from the Cream Group owned by nightclub entrepreneur Ryan Bishti’s (Cirque le Soir, Windmill Soho, Neat Burger), which promises to offer an “opulent Mayfair interpretation of global favourites, with dramatic presentation“.

The chef is Australian Toby Burrowes, most recently of Zuma, who quit Elystan Street as head chef in 2020 following a “professional difference of opinion” with his long-time mentor, Phil Howard.

Toby said: “There’s no set theme. It will just be sexy and delicious. Expect king crab, tacos, sashimi, ‘fish and chips with a twist’, lobster, scallop ceviche, steaks. I am really over the top so that’s what it will be – something really fun and opulent for Mayfair.

“I think food is a bit too serious at the moment. I don’t really think anyone’s doing crazy international cuisine, other than dodgy hotel buffets. It will be luxurious, and a bit gimmicky and ready for Instagram, but that’s cool with me.”

The headline dish is a “sunken treasure chest” containing a kilo of caviar surrounded by blinis, mini brioche buns and croissants with other condiments, costing £3,000. Even that is overshadowed by the pricier items on a list of rare and vintage cocktails, costing from £500 to £50,000.

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