High end dining direct to your door with Supper

supperHome delivery used to consist of a few local pizza parlours and maybe Domino’s if you had one near-by. Then along came Just Eat and changed all that, creating a one stop shop for a plethora of local take-aways. After that Deliveroo and their ilk stepped things up again by offering deliveries direct from restaurants.

Continue along this home delivery trajectory and inevitably you get fine dining direct to your door with Supper. Launching in London on 7 September, Supper is a ‘new VIP restaurant delivery service’ which uses state-of-the-art packaging, Japanese motorised bikes, and even has its own in-house sommelier service.

Each bike has specially custom made boxes, which have been thermally lined through to the containers where the food is placed. These are kept at a constant temperature, either hot or cold, to maintain the quality of the dishes. A far cry from the cardboard boxes and plastic containers of yore.

With the likes of Benares, Tamarind, Randall & Aubin, Matsuri St James, M Restaurants and Tsunami already signed up, Supper could be the next game changer.

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