NYC Legend Aquavit launches in St James’s next Monday

aquavitOne of the most enduring success stories of the NYC fine dining landscape is set to beam down into St James’s for the first time next week.

A celebration of all things Scandi, Aquavit’s timing is impeccable given the growing appetite for Nordic-inspired concepts. The London branch is to be “with a more relaxed setting and new all day dining concept” and will inhabit the new St James’s Market redevelopment, on 1 Carlton Street.

Henrik Ritzén is to be the Executive Chef for London, but expect to read a lot about Swede Emma Bengtsson: not only is she prettier than Henrik, she is also one of only a few females on the planet to have been awarded two stars by the French tyre-makers. The Executive Chef in NYC, she will be overseeing the London launch, hopefully being much present in the kitchen as well as in photoshoots…

As ever, we relish the keyboard acrobatics to write about the smörgÃ¥sbord of small sharing plates, including Shrimp Skagen, Glassblower herrings; Gravadlax; and Vendace roe. Starters will include Venison tartar with wild blueberries, lingonberries and juniper, while meatballs make an appearance amongst the main dishes.

The all-day elements start from breakfast (we’re not quite sure what Raggmunk with bacon is), plus coffee and cinnamon rolls throughout the day.

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