Coal Shed founder to open hot new restaurant in Brighton

The restaurateur Razak Helalat – you might know of the Coal Shed? – will open Burnt Orange in Brighton in June.

Offering food, wine, cocktails, and a specially curated music programme from the legendary DJ Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), the restaurant has been described as a “grown up” drinking and dining spot.

Mimicking the Mediterranean dining culture, Burnt Orange will, apparently, introduce one of Brighton’s first all-day and late-night drinking and dining venues. This is quite a claim.

Either way, the promising list of suppliers – Lake District Farmers, Natoora, BNFS – certainly pays credence to the food.

Near Brighton’s cute Lanes, the venue will sit 54 inside, and a further 28 in the courtyard. The restaurant is situated within a 16th century former coach house, where many original features remain.

The menu is by head chef Peter Dantanus, who has long been cooking at Helalat’s The Salt Room nearby.

There will be crab and samphire fritters with brown crab tahini, stracciatella with burnt bread, lardo, and salted cherries, and pork belly and date molasses and pickled fennel.

The founder said: “Over the past couple of years, I’ve had countless conversations with friends and loyal customers about the need for a totally new space.

“Something different – not quite a restaurant, not quite a bar – but somewhere that combines great food and amazing drinks with the right music. It’s somewhere you can catch up with friends, hang-out and just have fun! Our vision for Burnt Orange is just that, “Right Here, Right Now” and we can’t wait to open our doors this summer”.

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