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We’ve teamed up with the good people of Twizoo to announce the top 5 trending restaurants on Twitter each week in London.
Twizoo is an app that gives restaurant recommendations based on what people are saying on Twitter, and analyses over 50,000 incoming tweets per week to determine which restaurants are attracting the most buzz. From cocktails at the Gilbert Scott to mac ‘n’ cheese at Ramsay’s new Heddon Street Kitchen,this week’s top five ‘trendiest’ restaurants are…


Trending Restaurants 7-14 November

The Gilbert Scott @thegilbertscott

What people are saying:

  • Via @SalManaf86 : “@Thegilbertscott Amazing food! Well done to all the amazing wonderful staff and especially Marcus***”
  • Via @NikBoyle : “@Thegilbertscott @MovemberUK the best cocktails we’ve ever had were here !! Incredible birthday bloody Mary’s”


Tredwell’s @Tredwells

What people are saying:

  • Via @George_Service : “Spontaneous lunch at @Tredwells this afternoon, fantastic menu with exceptional kale slaw!”
  • Via @shivaniashoka : “Gorgeous dinner @Tredwells last night; good for carnivores, vegans & everything in between. Welcome to the neighbourhood #london #foodie


Riding House Café @ridinghousecafe

What people are saying:

  • Via @RenaissanceNick : “Looking forward to lunch @RidingHouseCafe today. Not been before but have heard great things.”
  • Via @GrantScottLee : “Amazing Steak & Eggs for breakfast at @RidingHouseCafe – coffee was excellent too!”


Lyle’s @LylesLondon

What people are saying:

  • Via @LexyFood : “Fab lunch @LylesLondon – that 10 year old #mutton was incredible! Fantastic ingredients, great flavours & super friendly service!”
  • Via @CriticalCouple : “if you haven’t checked out @lowejames @LylesLondon you really should, exceptional food, exceptional value. Best restaurant opening of 2014?”


Heddon Street Kitchen @heddonstkitchen

What people are saying:

      • Via @JuliaT82 : “Our amazing spread at @heddonstkitchen for @cocknicker bday. #hellocrackling Best mac & cheese EVER @GordonRamsay”
      • Via @Gillian_Hoffman : “Totally enjoyed @heddonstkitchen @GordonRamsay today. A welcome addition to the area….we’ll be back!


To find more places that have Londoners buzzing on Twitter, check out the Twizoo app available on iOS and Android, or follow @TwizooLondon on Twitter. And stay tuned next week to see which London restaurants make the list. In the meantime, happy Tweeting!
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Twizoo’s Techies Explain…

You’ve probably noticed on Twitter on the left hand side of your ‘Home’ page there’s a ‘Trends’ list. Twizoo has built the same thing, but solely for London restaurants. Our number crunching detects the rate of change of influential mentions on Twitter. For example, ‘Christmas’ is currently trending on Twitter, which means there’s been a spike of mentioning Christmas now compared with the rest of the year.

Applying this to Twizoo’s algorithms: if X restaurant usually gets on average 10 tweets per week, but this week it gets 32 tweets… that’s a pretty big change, so it’s a good indicator something notable is going on. The algorithm notes restaurants that have the highest rate of change and ranks them based on which places’ tweets are the most positive collectively and then it takes the top of those based on how influential the individuals are who tweeted.

Simple see?


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