Take a seat at the Sofitel St James Baba Bar

Food and drink for Sofitel St James

Trafalgar Square’s grand hotel brasserie, The Balcon at the Sofitel St James, has got something rather unusual on the menu. We all know it’s is just the job for a business lunch or pre theatre bite, but how about for a new kind of dessert bar?

The hotel has launched what they are calling a Baba Bar – not to be confused with Baa Bar (something completely different and more likely to be packed with inebriated students!) – inspired by the traditional rum baba. The desserts come in five liquor-infused varieties: Baba Cointreau Long Island Ice Tea, Baba Gin Pimms, Baba Rum Pina Colada, Baba Tequila and Baba Vodka Moscow Mule.

Diners at The Balcon can choose from a range of flavoured Babas, each served with a complimentary cocktail for £16.


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