Is a fox cafe pop-up coming to east London?

RIn the same week that we wondered whether the craze for niche, single offering restaurants had reached its ne plus ultra with grilled cheese spot The Melt Room, some comforting news that east London has not yet found its ceiling when it comes to unusual dining concepts. Not content with a cat cafe (Lady Dinah’s), a venue selling nothing but bowls of cereal (Cereal Killer Cafe), ‘human burgers‘ and a porridge-only pop-up (The Porridge Cafe) – we now hear that a fox cafe pop-up may be making its way to hipster-central.

According to the Standard, Stevie the Fox is allegedly set to open in east London in May for three weeks. Customers will apparently get playtime with “a total of six very cute young foxes that are fully trained and domesticated”.

Organisers say the cafe will serve hot drinks with Fox’s Biscuits, as well as Fox’s Glacier Mints. Tickets for the event will cost £15 but are only available through a ballot.


“Räv vid Revhusen i Ystad – Juli 2012.” by Foto: Jonn Leffmann. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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