Corrigan’s new Dublin venture

London-based chef-restaurateur Richard Corrigan is opening a new restaurant in his native Ireland next month. Park Café, in Ballsbridge, Dublin, will offer all-day casual dining with a 60-seat all-weather terrace and roof garden, serving produce grown at Virginia Park Lodge in Co Cavan, the 18th-century estate he bought in 2013.

Best-known for his London flagships Bentley’s, off Piccadilly, and Corrigan’s Mayfair, Richard was planning to move permanently to Ireland leaving his son Richie in charge of his UK business until Covid intervened. His most recent launch was Daffodil Mulligan’s near Old Street, three years ago.

Speaking ahead of the new launch, he said: “I always associate Dublin restaurants with a big hug and a big hello at the door.

Despite his plans for a permanent move to Ireland being scotched, Richard remains committed to the thrill and conviviality of restaurants. He told the Sunday Times: “I’ll open a bottle of Champagne for no reason if I like you. I like so many people, it’s ‘Richard, did you see your Champagne bill last month?’ Honestly, one day we’re going to die. Don’t worry about it too much!

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