Celebrate International Women’s Day with two of London’s most talented female chefs

Chefs Selin Kiazim (Oklava) and Pip Lacey (Hicce) join forces to create a truly unique menu at Oklava in Shoreditch next Thursday 1 March to celebrate International Women’s Day.  They met while filming BBC2’s Great British Menu and have wanted to work together ever since.

The special £65 menu will include collaborative dishes such as: Sumac cured duck breast, fermented turnip, hazelnuts, mimosa and Grilled nori cod, ‘salgam’ pickled baby carrots, crispy vine leaves.

Booking is essential.  Credit card details will be taken to guarantee tables.

Since opening Oklava in Shoreditch back in 2015, Selin has gained a stellar reputation for her “superb, generous, tasty and thought-through Turkish food” at the “small but elegant” venture in Luke Street. A central London spin-off is currently in the works. Not too many details on that yet, but we know it will open in Fitzrovia later this year.

Pip and long-time friend and business partner Gordy McIntyre will open hicce (pronounced ee-che) in an (as yet) undisclosed central London location by April. The restaurant will serve modern dishes, using traditional techniques such as marinating, curing, pickling, as well as fish, meat and vegetables cooked over a wood fire.

Selin says: “I love Pip and I love her cooking and style.  We really connect in the kitchen and I can’t wait to cook with her for this special event.  There are amazing women cooking in kitchens all over London right now.  This is our way of showing some of that off, for one night only.”

Pip says: “17 years ago Gordy and I talked about running our own place together, and we’re almost there! We’ve chosen the name hicce, because it means ‘current, of the moment’ in Latin and that’s exactly how we see our restaurant – constantly evolving.”  Pip worked for Gordon Ramsay Holdings including Restaurant Gordon Ramsay for three years before spending six years working her way up to the position of head chef at Angela Hartnett’s Murano.


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