Bob Bob Ricard’s baby brother

Bob Bob Ricard, the decadently fun Soho restaurant famous for its ‘press for Champagne’ buttons on each table, is to open a spin-off rotisserie chicken specialist next month.

Bébé Bob, in Golden Square, will offer ‘affordable’ wines and Champagnes, although a £75 mark-up limit indicates that some prices will be pretty high, while the chickens will be imported from the Vendée and Landes in France, to be carved at the table and served alongside truffle fries and sauces including chicken jus and Albufeira.

As at the big brother Bob Bobs in Soho and the City, there will also be plenty of caviar on the menu, served with blinis made at the table, while the Art Deco-inspired interior is centred around a circular granite bar.

Founder Leonid Shutov, said: “To open Bébé Bob during our 15th year is a very special moment. We look forward to welcoming both new and returning customers to our brand new single concept dining experience, where delicious food, excellent fine wines and champagne are the order of the day.”

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