walter montyYet another street food trader puts down permanent roots as purveyor of Eastern-influenced, charcoal grilled meats and fish, Walter and Monty, launches a standalone restaurant in the City. The 30-cover venue opens its doors next month with free food at lunchtime on 14 & 15 April. There will be no bookings for the soft launch so make sure you get there early!

Following a string of successful street food and pop-up opportunities, such as Night Tales in east London, Walter and Monty has snapped up a site in Bury Street.

The entire menu will be overseen by founder Alex Kaye along with head chef, Nick Ross who worked alongside the likes of Daniel Boulud and Scott Conant.

On the grill: Walter & Monty’s famous beef picanha / top sirloin sourced from London’s best meat market Smithfield, as well as butterflied Leg of Lamb marinated in mint, garlic and lemon. Serving choices are simple; enjoy it wrapped in a flatbread warmed on the grill or straight up with rice and salad. Choose from six house sauces which range from a flaming Scotch Bonnet to a more mellow feta and garlic.

Aside from meat and fish, a big feature of the Walter and Monty menu will be their salads, which include: Beans and peas salad (kidney beans, chickpeas, coco beans, lentils, fava beans, French beans, red onion, diced fennel, black olive, feta cheese, and oregano vinaigrette) as well as cauliflower salad (roasted cauliflower, deep fried cauliflower, brown butter croutons, crispy pancetta, shaved parmesan cheese, cumin vinaigrette).

Of course Walter and Monty will feature an open kitchen so punters can watch their meat char on the grill. The kitchen is bordered by a chunky marble counter with five foot chopping board, where all meat will be prepared before diners eyes and the nerdiest foodies can ooh and aah at the chef’s cleaver skills and accomplished butchery!

The breakfast counter will serve coffee by day, and transform into a drinks cabinet by night. Walter and Monty will open in two phases; initially for lunch, and later for breakfast and dinner.

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