400 Rabbits worships at the altar of alcohol and sourdough pizza

inside 400 RabbitsDeriving its name from Aztec lore, 400 Rabbits, a sourdough pizza and beer spot coming soon Crystal Palace, reveres the god of fermentation and goddess of alcohol. Still baffled by the moniker? Allow us to explain…

Thousands of years ago the Aztecs worshipped a god of fermentation and a goddess of alcohol. And according to legend these two deities got it on and the result of this union were no fewer than 400 rabbits. Is this where the phrase ‘breeding like rabbits’ comes from?

Step into the present day and without alcohol and fermentation we wouldn’t have beer or sourdough pizza. Just imagine London without the ‘sodo’ craze. You just can’t can you?!

Opening in September, 400 Rabbits uses toppings from British artisanal producers, with fresh vegetables such as artichokes, corn and asparagus featured seasonally. Other essential ingredients include Fior de Latte Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomatoes, British charcuterie and slow smoked rare breed brisket.

There will be four rotating craft beers on tap and six in bottles and cans served in Schooners and soon in Growlers to take away. A selection of red, white and sparkling wine will be available on tap, as well as (so they claim) London’s cheapest Negroni.

Compounding its foodie credentials, 400 Rabbits will serve Gelupo gelato, Allpress coffee and cold-pressed juices from Peckham.

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