Jamie reveals name of new restaurant (you could have guessed)

Jamie Oliver has confirmed that his new Covent Garden restaurant will open in November under the name ‘Jamie Oliver at Catherine Street’.

The launch marks the TV chef and writer’s return to the British restaurant scene after the collapse of his mini-empire four years ago – amid heavy hints that other openings will follow.

The new restaurant, adjacent to the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, will focus on British produce and cooking, rather than the Italian cuisine he is best known for.

Jamie said: “I’m extraordinarily excited to be opening Jamie Oliver Catherine Street in the heart of Covent Garden, and stepping back into the UK restaurant industry that I love so dearly. It feels like an opportunity to celebrate where I’ve come from, and I’ll be sharing dishes inspired by the food that’s shaped me, dishes that I grew up cooking on the line.

My hope is that Jamie Oliver Catherine Street will be a wonderfully welcoming, happy place to dine, with great service, and delicious food at its heart.

We’ll be going big on daily specials and have a robust menu that offers something for everyone. It definitely feels like a pivotal moment in my career, and some of the very best of my restaurant teams over the years have come back to join me on this next part of the journey.

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