Try JFC (that’s Japanese Fried Chicken) at Flesh & Buns this Xmas

This year, to honour the time held tradition of KFC for Christmas in Japan (yes, it really is a thing just check out these ads on YouTube), Flesh & Buns has put the JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken) Festive Feasting Basket back on the menu. Available from now until Christmas, the sharing menu provides the perfect alternative to turkey, instead offering diners a basket filled with buttermilk and shichimi fried chicken.

Since 1974 when KFC was first introduced to Japan, it was marketed as “Kentucky for Christmas”. At a time when turkey was not available in the country, families would buy a bucket of KFC to share instead. The country now sees an estimated 3.6 million individuals enjoying the Colonel’s secret recipe over the festive season.

The Flesh & Buns set menu (£37 for two) kicks off with a Nagasaki Whisky Shake consisting of shiso leaf ice cream, Buffalo Trace bourbon and banana liqueur; followed by a steamer basket of half a buttermilk and shichimi fried chicken with BBQ mayonnaise, served alongside a green salad and steamed gua bao buns, unassembled for a build-your-own buns dining experience, and finishing with a Flesh & Buns favourite, the rich and indulgent Chocolate Nikka Whisky Cake.

The JFC Festive Feasting Basket will be served until 24 December.

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