St Pancras Hotel group offers NHS staff free board

The St Pancras Hotel group, based in King’s Cross, London, will be providing free rooms for NHS staff during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The three hotels that make up the group, The Gyle, The California, and The Megaro, their hotel rooms lying virtually empty, have been earmarked to operate as self-service apartments by way of a flexi-booking service.

Operations manager Christian Kaberg said he took the decision to “create a positive impact during this impossible time for London and the nation as a whole.”

The group said it would take the following measures to ensure the safety of guests:

  • Contactless check in
  • Disinfection schedules in all operational areas are being maintained and monitored
  • Sanitising stations are provided for guests and team members alike
    All safety procedures are implemented, reviewed and tested for compliance and functionality
  • From doctors through to volunteers, for anyone currently working in NHS hospitals local to Kings Cross

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