Snazzy izakaya with edgy wines and cloudy sakes

An ambitious new restaurant combining Japanese izakaya-style dining with low-intervention wines and their equivalent unfiltered nigori (cloudy) sake has opened in Embassy Gardens, the development adjacent to the new US Embassy in Nine Elms which has transformed the area between Battersea and Vauxhall.

Evernight is the first restaurant from Singaporean chef Lynus Lim, formerly of the much-loved Laughing Heart in Hackney, which closed down this summer. He is joined at the stoves by head chef Chase Lovecky, ex- Clove Club, and their dishes will be served in a stunning dining room designed by Italian architect Ettore Tricarico.

Lynus says: “My vision is of an izakaya which is slightly progressive in the drinks and food offerings while utilising ingredients and produce locally (mostly), from the British Isles. I always enjoyed the play between traditional/regional, and also progressive techniques. This allows guests to not go too far away from what they recognise or know, but just a slight push in a different direction.

I don’t think there is another Japanese restaurant in London that serves as much low intervention wine as we do. Frankly speaking, it’s probably easier to sell drinks that most would be familiar with but for us, the vision as a whole package is most important.”

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