B&H Group launch creative hub

picture of B&H

A new ‘creative hub’ from the B&H Group (the people behind Reverend JW Simpson, Blitz Party and Prohibition and the Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar) has launched in Clerkenwell. The Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, taking over the corner of Northampton Road just off Exmouth Market, features a 70-cover restaurant and greenhouse, a café, private rooms and bar.

The all-in-one venue’s décor is apparently inspired by the faded grandeur of a stately home, with plenty of rich fabrics, antique armchairs and trailing plants. Installed in the kitchen is Alex Visciano, a graduate of notable Parisian restaurants such as Le Meurice and Michel Rostang, who will bring his ‘contemporary style of classic cooking’ to B&H Buildings.


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