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_DSC1148 (1)We all know the flapping, fluster and general furore that can precede planning a dinner party. Buying candles and napkins, checking you have enough champagne flutes and glasses, choosing the right wines to go with your menu – deciding on a menu in the first place. It is a complex and intricate business.

A menu must have balance and flow together like a well constructed piece of music. And, if you cook for your guests yourself, concern over their enjoyment of the meal will often eclipse your own, leaving you without the slightest desire to actually eat anything.

Of course you could always hire a caterer – but quality can be variable in the extreme. However, there is another option:

La Belle Assiette is an online private chef booking service which brings restaurant-standard cooking to your home, making entertaining guests easier and more enjoyable. It employs 180 UK-based professional chefs who will purchase ingredients, cook in your kitchen, serve each dish to you and clean up before leaving.

Launched in February 2012 by Stephen Leguillon and Giorgio Riccò, La Belle Assiette has created a new market in the food industry. The website is an online service where chefs can create their profiles; creating menus and updating them seasonally, setting their own availability and prices. On the chef profile you can also read about the chef, reviews from previous La Belle Assiette customers and browse photographs of their food.

la belle assietteWith a community of over 600 private chefs across six countries (France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg anf Germany) customers can book a chef through La Belle Assiette in advance, or up to 24-hours before the event for those last minute get-togethers. Menu prices start from just £35 pp.

Corporate services are also offered for fine dining business lunches and dinners, or casual team meals, in your company offices.

And Harden’s readers can enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne when they book a La Belle Assiette private chef for a dinner party. Just use the code BUBBLESWITHHARDENS when booking.


How to book a private chef with La Belle Assiette:

How to book your private chef and the menu? It’s easy!

1. Visit:

2. Select the location, date and time for your event

3. Browse available menus from local chefs, you can filter them to suit your budget and cuisine preference

4. Once you found the perfect menu you can book securely online from 2+ people. If you haven’t contact our team to customise your menu.

Contact information:

For any inquiries and to organise your special events email: or call +44 1 35 53 77 022. Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for more information.


Terms & Conditions of champagne offer

La Belle Assiette Logo - Color with Tagline EN - Transparent– offer valid on any booking

– valid for 3 months

– no min booking required

– all over UK

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