From Fallow to Fowl

The team behind London restaurant Fallow is launching an upmarket low-waste ethical chicken shop called Fowl next week in St James’s Market.

Occupying the former Cubitt House pub the Beau Brummell, Fowl opens with a guest collaboration from the great and semi-retired French chef Pierre Koffmann, who has created a Chicken Leg Corn Dog with Aleppo Pepper (pictured) and ‘La Grande Coque Pie’ for two, featuring confit chicken hearts, livers and cockscombs.

The entire menu is based on high-welfare chickens, and concludes with a chicken fat creme caramel.

The humble chook is in vogue at the moment in London, with new venues including Bébé Bob, Cocotte and Story Cellar from Tom Sellers all focused on rotisserie chicken.

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