Goodbye Bones?

picture of Bones

Bones, Shoreditch’s bang on trend chicken and sharing plates spot, has closed. Ostensibly the restaurant has shut up shop in order to carry out a refurb, but murmurings from the foodie cognoscenti denote an air of wishful thinking on the part of the owners. Indeed their website has already been taken offline.

Although serving up-to-the-minute fashionable food, Bones did get a bit of a rough ride from Time Out, the Metro and food blogger Chris Pople when it opened in February. They all had the same complaint – Bones knows its fads but doesn’t deliver on any of them.

Is this then that most elusive of things – proof that a trendy concept and location are not everything? Time Out’s reviewer was not impressed by Bones, but ended his article with the words – “Average food, then, in trendy Shoreditch surrounds – expect queues down the road”. Could it be that this just isn’t enough any more?


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