Let Carousel spin your senses

picture of Carousel

Can food really be art? Shuttlecock Inc hopes to deliver a spirited case for the defence in the form of Carousel – a new interactive space opening this August in Marylebone. The self-style ‘foodie nomads’ (pop-up dining operatives to the rest of us) will open a three storey interactive and immersive restaurant/gallery which delves not just into food, but into art and design, performance and music.

To help launch this new concept, Shuttlecock Inc has roped in Argentinean chef Javier Rodríguez to run a month-long residency at the ground floor restaurant, while the Art of Dining will operate a pop-up downstairs. Rodriguez arrives in August, but this isn’t his first time here – he previously worked at the now dormant Viajante (and has a stint at Copenhagen’s Noma under his belt as well).

The Art of Dining team, designer Alice Hodge and chef Ellen Parr (formerly of Moro), promise to stimulate your senses in an exploration of colour. The dining room, your plate and your glass will be flooded with different colours as each course arrives and the music changes (provided by Radio One DJ Gemma Cairney). Dates for The Art of Dining’s The Colour Palate, are: Wednesday 20 – Saturday 23 August; Wednesday 27 – Saturday 30 August and Wednesday 2- 6 September. Tickets for the five course menu cost £50 via http://www.theartofdining.co.uk/next-pop


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