It was only a matter of time… Pokémon-themed drinks

The Botanist Pokemon Go Cocktail LR[JG1i]

With news that gaming sensation Pokémon GO was bringing more customers into stores and restaurants, it was only a matter of time before some venues started actively catering towards gamers glued to the addictive app. Maxwell’s Bar and Grill in Covent Garden, for example, has reported a 26% increase in customers during their first weekend of trading as a PokéStop. Users of the game have been flooding to the restaurant with the hope of capturing a Snorlax, Mewtwo or Pickachu, all of which have been reported to be roaming around the restaurant. And now more London venues are cashing in with Pokémon-themed cocktails…


The Botanist SW1

Now serving the new, playful Poké-tail (£12.50).

Available from the 25 July, this exclusive cocktail has been created by The Botanist’s mixologist, Harry Bellenberg, in honour of the phenomenal augmented reality app. Union coffee infused Bulleit bourbon and Araku coffee liqueur are blended with Belsazar dry vermouth, vanilla syrup and bamboo charcoal to create a cocktail like no other. Obviously, the glass is topped with a vintage Pokémon card for that added Pikachu touch.


Charmander CocktailM Restaurant SW1

As probably just about half the planet knows, Pokémon trainers start their virtual adventure with a gifted Pokémon – either Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, or if you know the right cheats, Pikachu, the most iconic of them all.

Every Friday throughout the month of August, M Victoria Street will be inviting those aged 21 and over to drop by and show the bar staff which one of the four starter options they’ve chosen. As a reward, they will then receive a complimentary colour-matched cocktail, concocted in honour of half-plant Bulbasaur. What’s more, if guests catch a Pokémon in or outside the M Wine Store, they will be gifted a £25 voucher to be redeemed at the restaurant!



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