Jason Atherton and John Williams talk about fresh restaurant industry opportunities post-lockdown

The star chefs Jason Atherton and John Williams have appeared in a video produced by the the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts’ (RACA), of which Atherton is the honorary president and Williams is the chairman.

The video comes as part of the Annual Awards of Excellence in an exclusive video series for The Caterer to mark the Academy’s 40th anniversary in 2020.

Atherton talks about seeing an opportunity to press the “restart button” on the industry, adding: “This is a real opportunity that we won’t get again, to restart everything: our sustainability, are we doing enough with plastics, with our food waste, staff training and the environment.”

Williams agreed: “It’s so important that we carry on doing things like this because it will make the industry stronger. There’s no better time than this particular time to be doing this kind of thing.”

The video is well worth a watch:

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