Hollywood movie about Marco Pierre White in the works

Chef Marco Pierre White has revealed a Hollywood movie about his life, starring Russell Crowe, is in the works.

The biopic will chart MPW’s life from budding star to three Michelin-star winner. Crowe will play the restaurateur in his later days.

MPW said: “I have just signed the deal. Russell has written the script, Russell’s company is producing it, Russell is directing it and Russell is playing the third or fourth Marco.

“When they do a movie on your life, you don’t just have one Marco – I am nearly 60. If there was anyone in Hollywood to play me, it would have to be Russell.”

The Guardian reports that the biopic has been slated for five years and at one point Ridley Scott was set to direct. Apparently Michael Fassbender was even slated to play MPW at one point.

“I thought to myself, ‘Actually, I think Russell Crowe should be playing me, not Michael Fassbender’,” said the chef.

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