Notting Hill’s Little Yellow Door launches emoji-only menu

Emoji Menu TLYDIs this innovation in catering, or is it just teeth-gratingly annoying millennial nonsense? Probably it’s more a publicity stunt than anything – and it’s worked because here we are writing about it!

Notting Hill’s house party themed pop-up restaurant Little Yellow Door (based on a fictional flat share) has launched an emoji-only menu. It is exactly what it sounds like. The menu will feature cartoonish renderings of tomatoes and mushrooms, with things getting a little more creative when it comes to other ingredients – eg there’s a rocket ship on the menu. Now, what could that mean?

Love or hate the emoji idea, the price is definitely on point. The Little Yellow Door is offering two courses and a cocktail for £15, every Wednesday and Thursday throughout July and August. Guests can expect to find: Seared Steak Roll with Truffle Mayo, Caramelized Onions and Rocket. Buffalo Wings with Crudities & Blue Cheese Dip and The Little Yellow Door’s House Punch.

You’ll even be able to order your food and drinks via WhatsApp, obviously in emoji only format. If you’re struggling to decipher things though, just ask a waiter.

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