Long Chim ends long wait for David Thompson’s London comeback

Veteran Australian chef David Thompson has announced his return to the London dining scene, 10 years after the closure of Nahm, the ground-breaking high-quality Thai restaurant he operated from the chic Halkin hotel in Belgravia for a decade.

A branch of Long Chim, the casual Thai restaurant he opened first in Perth in 2015, is expected to open later this year in Chinatown, set in Horse & Dolphin Yard off Macclesfield Street.

When Thompson closed Nahm – which he continued in Bangkok – he complained that EU regulations had made it difficult to import the key ingredients he needed to produce classical Thai dishes. That is less of a problem with Long Chim, where the menu will feature a hybrid Thai-Chinese street-food, including rice noodles and Chinese greens.

Thompson published his first book, Classic Thai Cuisine, in 1993. He currently runs restaurants in Bangkok, Perth, Sydney and Hong Kong.

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