Tendril spreads its ‘mostly vegan’ food to Somerset House

‘Mostly vegan’ chef Rishim Sachdeva is to open a new café at Somerset House on the Strand next month, following his launch last year of restaurant Tendril in Mayfair.

His new ‘plant-first’ all-day venture, Café Petiole – named after the thin stalk connecting a leaf to a stem – will feature pastries and desserts from Tendril’s head of pastry, Tarryn Williams.

Dishes include Grilled aubergine sabich with tabbouleh; Mustard mushroom focaccia with daikon pickle; Pineapple, chilli & lime galette; and the Tendril tiramisu, which is already a favourite with regular diners.

Rishim said: “We’ve been working on this project behind the scenes for some time now, so it is with huge excitement that we can now announce Café Petiole at Somerset House. This is a whole new concept and brand for me, and to be launching at a venue I’ve loved since my first visit to London all those years ago is an incredible honour, and we are super grateful to our friends at Somerset House for the opportunity.

“We hope our Tendril regulars, and new customers alike, will enjoy our more casual menu at Café Petiole, which takes the same plant-first approach and ethos of our restaurant menu, but offers a host of new dishes and baked goods to eat in or take out, ideal for lunch on the go, or meeting up with friends over the summer in the beautiful Somerset House courtyard surrounds.”

Café Petiole joins Skye Gyngell’s restaurant Spring, Crosstown doughnuts, WatchHouse coffee shop and the Terrace Bar at the Somerset House arts centre, which also incorporates the Courtauld Gallery.

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