Let it snow on your plate at Marylebone’s Texture

As snow falls deep and crisp and even over London, Marylebone’s “excitingly original” Texture is using signature snow – cheese, herbs or coconut boiled with water, complimentary flavours, botanicals and seasoning then spun in air and frozen – to flavour and enhance its unique winter menu.

A nod to the newly fallen powder which characterises chef-patron Aggi Sverrisson’s native Iceland, snow is used as a cool, softly textured seasoning alongside crunchy vegetables and fresh flavours such as asparagus and new season Lancaster beetroots. It also appears on the dessert menu, with coconut and mint snows adding a refreshing note to sweet finales.

Developed by Aggi himself, Texture was apparently the first restaurant in London to serve ‘snow’ – which has since been served by Ollie Dabbous and Tom Sellers.

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