NYC to get a taste of London

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Although London now has a dining scene to rival any major city, we do often – too often, some might say – still take our cuisine cues from New York. So kudos to London’s Shuttlecock Inc, and their “immersive theatre and dining experience”, for turning the tables and taking their pop-up concept, Mile High, all the way to the Big Apple.

Following a series of sold-out events in London, Mile High, will open in New York for the first time 24 September – 4 October 2014. Inspired by 1950s air travel, the temporary restaurant takes guests on a multi-sensory journey with food, cocktails, music and theatre.

Started by cousins Anna, Will, Ed and Ollie Templeton (the last formerly of Moro), in late 2012, Mile High will host its first stateside pop-up in a secret location on the Lower East Side. Tickets cost $120.


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