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We’ve teamed up with the good people of Twizoo, a Twitter mining app that delves into the dark waters of social media to bring you the top trending restaurants in London. From wonderful white truffles at Pollen Street Social to spectacular views from the top of The Shard, courtesy of Oblix, here are the top five most talked about dining spots in the capital this week…


Trending Restaurants 3-9 October

1. Pollen Street Social @PollenStSocial

What people are saying:

    • Via @Denisedrinkw : “Had some wonderful white truffle in an fabulous dessert @PollenStSocial on Friday. Amazing flavours as always. What a treat!”
    • Via @SarahHamiltonPS : “We had an exceptionally splendid lunch at @PollenStSocial today. VERY special and highly recommended! Thank You to all….”


2. Dishoom @Dishoom

What people are saying:

    • Via @FlorenceCornish : “Birthday dinner at @Dishoom Best Indian food I’ve eaten since…well…ever! Thanks for a great evening! http://t.co/LOmmdhQRjV
    • Via @Megdashmade : “Totally worth the wait @Dishoom @Kirschplunder_ @cupsaucerblog the food was AWESOME! As were the cocktails!!! Chaijito, umm yes please!”


3. Roast @RoastRestaurant

What people are saying:

    • Via @SueHillRec : “Loving Autumn mmmmm – Roasted Cornish Hake, whipped sweetcorn, Bath Pig Chorizo and Padron Peppers to die for. Thank you @RoastRestaurant”
    • Via @TaniaFirth1 : “@RoastRestaurant had lovely ambience, tasty food, oh & live jazz!”


4. Trinity @TrinityLondon

What people are saying:

    • Via @Simonsmith_21 : “Wow! What an absolutely stunning experience for lunch today @TrinityLondon Contender for my best lunch of 2014…! @Adambyatt Thank you”
    • Via @ifenn : “Duck hotpot at @TrinityLondon was amazing. Everyone else here seems to be having the roast beef. They’re missing out.”


5. Oblix @OblixRestaurant

  • What people are saying:
      • Via @j_amii : “Our lunch view is better than yours. (@ Oblix at The Shard – @oblixrestaurant) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/9MnzxPuesoj
      • Via @SteveMcDonnell : “Looking forward to dinner at @OblixRestaurant in @TheShardLondon tonight. Eating at a height ;)”



picture of Twizoo

Twizoo is an app that finds the best places to eat or drink based on what people are saying on Twitter. Having analysed over eight million Tweets (and counting) about the London restaurant scene, Twizoo cooks down all the Twitter buzz to an easy to digest visualisation– using colour and size cues that let you know the overall pulse about that place. To find more trending restaurants based on Twitter, download Twizoo for iOS and Android, and follow @TwizooLondon for updates.


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