Senegalese soul food comes to Peckham Levels

Senegalese London restaurant Little Baobab is hosting a launch party tonight to mark its permanent new perch at Peckham Levels.

Founder Khadim Mane, aka Khadim Mbamba, has run the business on a more informal basis for the past eight years, offering catering services alongside pop-ups and residencies around north and east London.

Originally from Dakar, he says he never cooked at home. “In 2010, when I came here to the UK, I didn’t want to spend my money on chicken and chips and all that junk food, instead I decided to learn how to cook. I’d call up my sisters and friends and ask them how to prepare traditional recipes and dishes.”

Discovering a natural flair for cooking, Khadim worked as a chef at festivals and in restaurants before launching his own business to focus on “authentic Senegalese soul food“. He also runs an agency representing African musicians – several of whom will be providing live music for this evening’s launch party.

There will also be free taster snacks from the menu and Senegalese cocktails, plus a selection of Khadim’s signature dishes, which include Chicken Yassa (chicken in a spicy marinade with onions and olives), Mafe (lamb and peanut stew with vegetables) and Thieboudienne (seabass and rice casserole with yam, carrot and aubergine).

Little Baobab is on Level 6 at Peckham Levels, 25A Rye Lane.

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