New group takes flight with Kitty Hawk

lowergroundfloor-credit-russell-sage-studioThe Kitty Hawk, billed as a “department store of dining” that brings New York-style glamour to an all-day food and drink venue, will open on November 21 at South Place in the City of London.

It is the first of seven venues planned across the City and London’s West End by new company Wright and Bell, headed by Jayne Baker, a former director of Birmingham-based pub and restaurant group Mitchells and Butlers.

Designed to attract both business and social customers, Kitty Hawk’s bar and kitchen will open from 7am to midnight. It is complemented by an elegant grill restaurant, cocktail bar, private dining areas and a specialist coffee patisserie that transforms into a bookable private wine bar in the evening.

The company’s name derives from the pioneers and inventors Alexander Graham Bell and the Wright brothers, whose inaugural powered flights took place at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina. “They dared to dream, and taught the world to fly,” says Baker.


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