Tips fall after curfew, according to digital service

TiPJAR, the digital tipping platform, has revealed insightful statistics in both the restaurant and the pub and bar industry as a direct effect of the Government’s new hospitality curfew introduced in August.

Alarming decreases in tip volumes have been recorded for pub and bar staff, according to the service, and given tipping makes up a considerable amount of hospitality staff’s wages, the figures highlight the extent to which the industry is being negatively impacted by the curfew.

The data has found:

  • Users have taken an average of 15 per cent fewer tips in the week since curfew came into place
  • Restaurant staff have only being impacted by a 9 per cent reduction in tip volumes
  • Bar/pub (wet-led) staff have been impacted by a huge 18.5 per cent reduction in tip volumes
  • The yearly UK tip volume is currently £3 billion per annum

TiPJAR has extrapolated its data in relation to the above, estimating that if the curfew stays in place for six months, minimum wage staff with loose out on over £300million in tips.

The data was taken from service users across the industry in the UK.

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