What Lee Westcott did next: Former Typing Room chef to open Pensons in a 10th century farm house

The Typing Room’s Lee Westcott has teamed up with Peta Darnley of the Netherwood Estate to launch Pensons, a new rural restaurant marked to open in January 2019.

Pensons will be set within the grounds of the Netherwood Estate on the borders of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It’s Westcott’s first move out of London since closing the “delicate but unfussy” Typing Room in Bethnal Green. It was a disappointing closure; our reporters were enamoured.

Still, the new countryside location proves a positive move. Of course, an announcement on Monday talked about making use of an “abundance of quality produce available locally”, as is customary in any restaurant in search of credibility today. But there’s little doubt, really, that Westcott will bring a menu just as exciting as his last.

10th century

And his new home couldn’t be more different to East London. The Netherwood Estate is a 1,200-acre farm dating back to pre-Domesday Book (1086). As with many stately farms, it’s shifted towards hospitality to attract Londoners in need of a weekend idyll.

Pensons will be in one of the rejuvenated farmyard buildings. There are no details on dishes yet and no word on the wine list – all we can do is speculate that Westcott will bring his “strong flavours” and “unpretentious cooking” to the countryside.

For visitors from outside the locale –  there will also be rooms available for restaurant guests nearby at The Hyde, the estate’s Grade II-listed, 13th century hall.

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