Get ready for Michel Roux Jr’s take on the Great British Pub

The Wigmore, a new modern British tavern – with its menu overseen by Michel Roux Jr (yes, you read that right!) – will open on Regent Street on 20 July. This deluxe re-imagining of the Great British pub will serve a drinks list from the team behind Artesian, The Langham’s award-winning bar (and servers of the best Bloody Mary in the world in our humble opinion).

Expect cocktails, great wines, cask ales and craft beers including The Wigmore’s very own house Saison, brewed in partnership with Bermondsey’s Brew by Numbers. A variety of mixed drinks that celebrate Britain’s drinking history include cups of punch, house hoptails and classic cocktails.

The food menu overseen by Michel Roux Jr defines quintessential British pub fare, using seasonal ingredients:

Masala spiced scotch egg, dahl relish and the Stovetop cheese toastie presented to the table with a cast iron bacon press to ensure cheese remains molten. Balvenie-whisky smoked salmon, honey pickled onions, Wooster’s bakery sprouted rye using smoked salmon created exclusively for the Roux family that is sprayed with 12-year Balvenie whisky; Ox-cheek & ale pie, suet crust featuring a specially created laminated suet crust pastry and Paprika glazed shortrib, bone marrow & thyme crumb.

The former banking hall has been transformed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, capturing the original features of the space, such as the listed panelling and incorporating furniture in mohair velvets with silk cushioned detailing. The Wigmore is named after Robert Harley, Baron of Wigmore of Herefordshire, 1st Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer.  Paying homage to Harley’s notable influence on London’s literary past with the Scriblerus Club, his coat of arms feature throughout the tavern’s identity.

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