US diner fare pimped up Middle Eastern style

A pair of former Palomar and Barbary chefs have opened a Middle Eastern-inspired take on a North American diner in London’s Camden Market. Epicurus, from Amir Kraus and Amir Batito, is a follow-up to their steakhouse The Black Cow, also in Camden.

The menu ranges from a classic Canadian poutine and a grilled meat sharing plate of beef rib cap, confit pork belly, jalapeno & Cheddar sausage and lamb leg steak; to a ‘sloppy burek’ – a Middle Eastern version of Sloppy Joe, with crispy burek pastry and harissa. Desserts including their signature dish Yael – Middle Eastern S’mores, pistachio crunch, rose ice cream and burnt meringue.

At the bar classic American milk shakes are given an alcoholic overhaul complete with Middle Eastern flavours and dondurma Turkish ice cream: highlights include baklava, honey and whisky; tangerine, pistachio and gin; banana, melon, date and rum; and salep and vodka.

Amir said: “We are thrilled to be opening a new restaurant in Camden after the roaring success of The Black Cow. We absolutely love the area and feel that we can really offer something new and unique to locals with Epicurus. Lots of time and care has gone into creating the menu, which seriously delivers on taste.

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