For a Big Night out in Hackney

A team who met at Larry’s in Peckham have taken over the former Nest site in Hackney’s Morning Lane to launch Big Night – billed as a ‘British izakaya’ drinking den with meals cooked over a charcoal grill.

Jack O’Connor and Joshua Ralphs have between them worked at some of London’s hippest spots, including Flor, Lasdun and Jolene.

They say: “The food will be simple, loud and fun, perfect to be eaten with a beer in hand and friends at your side. The tables will be communal, you’ll be asking your neighbour to pass the chilli oil and cheering the whole table with a round of shots and sauerkraut. The energy will be lively and generous, the music loud and the lights low.”

They will open from Thursday to Sunday initially, starting from next week (January 11), and guests will be invited to buy their seasonal house ferments to take home.

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