‘Sexy’ food finds its way to Barnes

A new neighbourhood restaurant bringing “sexy but healthy” food to Barnes opens next week. The Farmer’s Mistress has taken the White Hart Lane site long known for its branch of Annie’s, and more recently the short-lived Camile Thai.

Founder Joanna Gascoigne, who already has a Farmer’s Mistress branch in Battersea, has transformed the interior of the premises, with a smart green colour scheme and a patio at the back.

She says: “We want it to be a bit sexy, but we’re also all about good-quality, locally sourced produce. Why choose between one or the other when you can have both?

Joanna is planning a series of producer’s evenings to showcase the considered sourcing, while head chef Chris Gay is also committed to sustainability and minimum wastage.

The Farmer’s Mistress will have a soft launch of half price on food on Thursday Friday and Saturday next week, and will only open in the evenings while staff bed in, with brunch, lunch and Sunday roasts following later in August.

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