The Georgians are coming

Kinkally, a new restaurant and bar inspired by the food of Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains, opens in Fitzrovia’s foodie enclave of Charlotte Street next Wednesday (6 December).

Named after ‘khinkali’ – large meat-filled twisted dumplings from Georgia that are massively popular throughout the former Soviet region – the venture is a first restaurant from Russian Diana Militski, alongside chef David Chelidze and mixologist Andrew Pruts, who made their names in Moscow.

David has designed a range of non-traditional fillings for the dumplings, including wagyu beef with butternut squash and truffle, Madagascan prawns with matzoon sauce and tarragon, and pheasant with wild mushrooms.

Downstairs, the futuristic Bar Kinky will feature a techno music soundtrack and cocktails created by Andrew, who was in the team behind Moscow bar Insider.

Diana says: “Georgia has one of the most fascinating gastronomic traditions in the world, but its food is so under-represented in the west, and London is no exception. We think it’s time for Londoners to share the khinkali experience — but with some really boundary-pushing flavours from chef David that take inspiration from across Eurasia.

Moreover, Bar Kinky will bring something truly special to London’s cocktail scene — Andrew is a mixology genius. We can’t wait to become part of the impressive line-up of culinary experiences Charlotte Street has become over the years.

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