Guerrilla chef Whyte Rushen settles in Hackney

The self-styled ‘underground guerrilla pop-up’ chef known as Whyte Rushen is to open his first permanent restaurant in Hackney this month.

With a CV that includes Brat, Kerridge’s and Scully of St James’s to his name, Whyte fuses classical and pop elements in creations such as oysters topped with Monster Munch. He also takes in elements from Caribbean and East Asian cuisine.

His 33,000 Instagram followers were the first to hear of his plans for a permanent base: “It’s with a mix of every emotion humanly available, excitement, pride, anxiety, fear, joy and all the rest, that I can finally announce, we’ve found a site, a restaurant, a hub, a home.”

The first site apparently fell through, but he found another in Hackney and has launched a fund-raising campaign on go-fundme to help him prepare the as-yet secret premises for opening.

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